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Pale really is the New Black

Working in the Irish fashion industry for 15 years now, I come across fake tan horror stories on a regular basis. It is my one pet hate. I get depressed when I see beautiful young models arrive to shows with tan marks and their hands and faces two shades lighter than the rest of their bodies. I don't mind when tan is done right and looks natural. But I wonder what in modern culture and media has made us so uncomfortable in the skin we were born? The most beautiful girls are the ones who are comfortable in their own, natural skin (easier said than done as a female I know).  Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model finalist Sarah Kennedy this year as a great example of a confident, natural beauty and Kellie Forde the year before was so elegantly charming in her porcelain skin.  Grace Grey below is a London based model who works quite a bit with us in Ireland. I love her fresh look and pale skin and how she is effortlessly beautiful in her own natural tone. 
I'm going to have to get some tips from her.....and share them with the young tanorexic's!

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