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Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Whether I'm having a lazy day or just don't feel like dressing up (queue every Saturday & Sunday), my go-to footwear brand outside of Converse are Dr. Martens. Perceived in my 90's school days as only for goths, rockers and all the cool kids, Docs have become the Madonna of the footwear market. Not only have they survived comeback after comeback, the boots that originated from World War II have appeared, this season, in the fashion pages of some of the top fashion bibles in the globe. This month's Vogue (below) gives my trusted Docs quite a demure face-lift.
In 2012, the British label, was announced as being the eight fastest growing British company. We salute the Griggs family for turning Dr. Martens around from near bankruptcy in 2003 with their 'vintage line' to a new level of success and for saving our toes and providing love & comfort for our tired feet xo

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