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Insider Interview: Young Fashion Designer, Daniel Mahon

In the first of my Insider Interviews, I met with a fifth year student and budding Fashion Designer, Daniel Mahon, who unwittingly became the most talked about talent at MSL Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in his hometown this season. I bought one of his versatile leather dickeybows to wear with shirts, as a wrist decoration and on my hair...I have no doubt that it will be worth a huge amoung in years to come as this guy's star is growing fast xo

Above images: Shauna Donovan
Daniel with Fashion Designer Samantha Kennedy.Pic: Miki Barlok

I bumped into Daniel at the Steal My Style at Fashion Week

Daniel at the model fittings for the Designer of the Year show

How long have you been designing?
I have loved design and fashion for so many years but I really stared designing about 2 years ago, before that I had made simple things pillow cases, draught excluders. My first real creation was during my internship with the very talented Angela Beaumont which was also the basis for my collection for MSL Mercedes Benz Cork fashion week this year. I don't have one of those stories of when that one design started it all and being honest my drawing skills are nothing to marvel at but I can see in my head what I want something to look like and I work from there.
What inspires you? 
I love history and the impeccable dress sense of the early 1900s to the late 20s/early 30s, 30 years before and till the end of the flapper era, there was such dramatic change in style and garment construction but the clothes were still like wearable pieces of art, my mood also, if I am really thinking outside the box and I'm in a good mood a lot of work gets done and finally subtle introduction of colour by bow-tie or pocket square, patterned lining or coloured buttons I think it really brings a piece to life
What is in your collection right now?
I make made-to-order mens and womens bow-ties. The statement pieces for my Fashion week collection were waistcoats, I even sold 2 after the show.
What advice would you give to other creative designers looking to get started?
Just get out there, I have spent the last 3 years networking, getting to know the business people in Cork, this has helped so much. Be crazy and innovative with your designs, use non-traditional material, the more you stand out the more you'll get noticed.
What is your biggest challenge in design right now?
I really need to learn to create the basic blocks, because I haven't been to design college.
Where do you hope to be in five years?
This is always such a tough question, there is "where I'd like to be" and "where I actually think I could be" well since I'm only in fifth year I'll be in my third year of college either studying clothes design in Scotland, Paris or Ireland or in Sligo Training to become a Home Ec. teacher. Hopefully, I'll have created 5 collections: one for each year of Cork Fashion Week, and have gained some amount of publicity to sell my brand!

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