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Insider Interview: Angela Beaumont, Fashion Designer

For this month's Insider Interview, I caught up with a very talented young Irish Fashion Designer Angela Beaumont, who openly shares her challenges, hard work ethic and benefits to working in the design industry.

How long have you been designing & why did you start?
When I was 20 I came back from acting in New York and was totally broke!! So, I took a job in a retail store, after the 2 years there, I realised that I wanted to be a designer. I felt I knew what cut and style suited people and always had regular customers. I started my training in Fashion Design in the Cork College of Commerce, for 2 years and then I went on to do my degree in Fashion Design for Industry in Heriot-Watt University, Scotland. In this time I did a multitude of really tough internships and commissions.
What inspires you? People inspire me! What they've done in their lives, the struggles they face and the stories they have to tell. But, when it comes to developing collections, the concept and research is so important and I always start with something that has inspired me, which will generally lead in a different direction by the time I have started designing. I love the research part of the process , there is so much reading involved!! For example my graduate collection was based on the solar system and the series that the astrophysicist Brian Cox did for the BBC. I got lost in the book, so fascinating!! I think the best thing about it is that you get to study and learn about something outside of fashion, which i think keeps your work interesting and helps it develop from a different point of view. However, with each body of work there will always be a strong architectural element.
Tell us about your current collection At present, I am developing my A/W 2014/15. I watched the full version of 'Apocalypse Now' recently, so I started to research the film, the Vietnam war, Cambodia and well.. I don't want to give the rest away !!
What has the biggest challenge been for you as a fashion designer? Its quite strange really but, for all the crazy hours I have worked in some of my internships and for the last 3 months of my degree, where the whole class would be in the workshop from 7am to 11pm... Nothing compared to the ridiculous difficulty I had making a collection this year being based in Cork. The lack of industrial machinery (absolutely no leather machines), skilled machinists, fabric stores etc in the south of Ireland is shocking. I had to go to Dublin to get buttonholes done on my shirts because the domestic machines in Cork couldn't do a quality finish because the fabric was silk. It was the most frustrating time I have ever had finishing work and it shouldn't have been because the patterns were an easier cut to my previous work. This season I have managed to out-source everything, so hopefully things will run smoother!
What advice would you give to other young people afraid to get into design? Don't be afraid to get into design.. just be damn sure its what you want to do !! This is not a 9-5 job, roughly 5 people in my year of 60 have gone on to set up their own labels and only a handful have taken jobs in the industry. It will take nearly 2-3 years before you start breaking even if you set up your own label. But... if fashion design is what you love, apply to the best Universities, take every opportunity you're given (do not let anything get in your way!), make sure you do internships (the right ones, with people you want to work for because you will be working for nothing), apply to every competition, if you need to work 2 part time jobs to pay for it, do it! When you finish and you are thinking of launching your own label, talk to other industry professionals, try and get as much advise as you can, your contacts are so important to keep in touch with the people you've met along the way, find out where other designers manufacture, how they broke into the business. More importantly learn from their mistakes, have a solid business plan, take up a part-time business course and apply for funding.
How can people find/contact you? My studio is in Sample Studios on Sullivans Quay Cork. Email - or tel: 086 122 48 42
Follow Angela's rise and contact her direct on Facebook here


Happy Birthday Miss Daisy Blue

My favourite boutique celebrated a year at its new premises today. Miss Daisy Blue, located at the historic English Market, has firmly put its marker down as one of the best vintage stores in Ireland over the past year. The below black 1980's dress features in this month's edition of Tatler and the store dressed many Best Dressed winners at the top national race meetings all over Ireland during 2013. So full of timeless character and vintage treasures, this store is like no other shopping experience. I find it impossible to visit & leave empty handed. Thanks for the mulled wine and gorgeous cakes today Breda & Michelle. Wishing all the team many more years of success xo


Playboy's 60th Anniversary

With Kate Moss hitting the big 4-0 soon, I think this is a super way for her to celebrate the incredible shape she is in after one of the longest and most successful careers in modelling. The image is a teaser from the upcoming 60th Anniversary edition of Playboy magazine, which was founded in 1953 in Chicago by Hugh Hefner.  Only Kate could make a commercial lingerie shoot look this high end fashion. Moss and Playboy are two of the most recognisable brands in the world.  Hats off to La Moss, she looks smoking hot for almost 40!

Baby it's Cold Outside

My obsession with cable knit sweaters is out of control. They tick all the right boxes for me; timeless, cosy, warm knitwear, with a masculine edge. Tis the season to fill our wardrobes with lots of gorgeous jumpers! Pair oversided styles with pretty skirts for the perfect contrast. I have also included a selection of my favourite jumpers below from xo

And a pick of my favourite looks from 
€67.39 at

€37.74 at 

€101.09 Tripp NY at


Five Star Afternoon Tea

Christmas is well and truly here! I went to 5* Hayfield Manor today for Afternoon Tea with my Mum & Aunty and I am finally feeling the Christmas spirit. The hotel of choice when in Ireland for celebs such as Daniel Radcliffe, Bill Clinton and Lionel Richie to name a few, was the perfect setting and the food was almost too pretty to eat! Let the Christmas season of family, friends and merriment begin xo


Victoria Secrets fashion show 2013

If you haven't been keeping on top of those gym visits since Winter crept in, look away now. This year's highly anticipated Victoria Secrets Fashion Show took place at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York last night introducing new Angels,  celebrating old Angels and showcasing all that glitters. My favourite look was the 'Parisian Nights' collection which showed an edgier side to the traditionally candy sweet brand. Taylor Swift looked at home in her silver angelic dress but Cara Delvingne stole the show as did Joan Smalls, Adrianna Lima and Candice Swanepoel. I do think however that Irish model Roz Purcell could give them all a run for their money!
Here are some of my favourite looks from the show courtesy of the Huffington Post xo


Wardrobe Feng Shui

Nothing starts the week better than a wardrobe clear out. I always feel cluttered in my head when my room is cluttered. My room is the first space I spend time in when I wake up, so when that gets clouded, so does my mood...meaning the more organised and positive the space is, the more positive I start my day. With this in mind, here are some tips on organising your closet!


When was the last time you wore this? If you haven't worn it for 6 months get rid of it.

Style then Colour Coordination. Organising your closet by colour will make getting dressed a much quicker process. Hang and fold by style and then by colour (eg. all casual tops folded in piles on a shelf, then put similar colours like whites or blues or stripes together.

Out with the old. For every garment you bring in, an old item should leave to maintain the balance.

Thin hangers. Thin, felt hangers (available at TK Maxx) are less bulky than the wider plastic ones allowing for more garments on your rail.

Cheer it up. Paint the inside of your wardrobe a bright colour that you like, it will make the space feel more pleasant and larger.

Storage is key. Invest in some some small woven baskets with linen lining and store clutches, purses, gloves and trinkets in these. Alternatively, buy some cheap boxes and cover them in your favourite shades of fabric.

Use door backs. Stick hooks to the back of your wardrobe doors to hang bags, scarves or chains displaying them easily.

Make a jewellery corkboard. Stick pins in it and hang your chains and earrings from this. Everything is on display making decisions much faster when you're in a rush.


Pretty plates. Martha Stewart suggests using pretty ware to store jewellery in drawers. I love this idea!

Buy a bracelet display. Amazon or Ebay sell bracelet displays like ones you would see in a jewellery store to display all your bracelets and bangles.

Hook it up. Or shower curtain hooks to display necklaces:


Don't forget to bag up your good items and send them off to a charity shop. It is a lovely feeling knowing your previously loved threads can find a new home and happy owner.


Saturday Inspiration

One of my favourite things to do is get lost in a bookstore. Its like the old skool version of Pinterest! Happy Saturday xo

Fashion with a purpose

I had the privilege of co-presenting my second fashion show this season with Brendan Courtney at a show in aid of Marymount Hospice last night. It's so great presenting with someone who has a genuine, deep knowledge of fashion, not to mention all the serious belly laughs we had. The guy is so funny!
Well done to model Mairead O'Farrell for putting the whole night together for the very worthy hospice, who were so kind to her beautiful grandfather in his last days.
Perfect venue, glamourous clothes, gorgeous models, fun audience...thanks for having me there xo

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