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Wardrobe Feng Shui

Nothing starts the week better than a wardrobe clear out. I always feel cluttered in my head when my room is cluttered. My room is the first space I spend time in when I wake up, so when that gets clouded, so does my mood...meaning the more organised and positive the space is, the more positive I start my day. With this in mind, here are some tips on organising your closet!


When was the last time you wore this? If you haven't worn it for 6 months get rid of it.

Style then Colour Coordination. Organising your closet by colour will make getting dressed a much quicker process. Hang and fold by style and then by colour (eg. all casual tops folded in piles on a shelf, then put similar colours like whites or blues or stripes together.

Out with the old. For every garment you bring in, an old item should leave to maintain the balance.

Thin hangers. Thin, felt hangers (available at TK Maxx) are less bulky than the wider plastic ones allowing for more garments on your rail.

Cheer it up. Paint the inside of your wardrobe a bright colour that you like, it will make the space feel more pleasant and larger.

Storage is key. Invest in some some small woven baskets with linen lining and store clutches, purses, gloves and trinkets in these. Alternatively, buy some cheap boxes and cover them in your favourite shades of fabric.

Use door backs. Stick hooks to the back of your wardrobe doors to hang bags, scarves or chains displaying them easily.

Make a jewellery corkboard. Stick pins in it and hang your chains and earrings from this. Everything is on display making decisions much faster when you're in a rush.


Pretty plates. Martha Stewart suggests using pretty ware to store jewellery in drawers. I love this idea!

Buy a bracelet display. Amazon or Ebay sell bracelet displays like ones you would see in a jewellery store to display all your bracelets and bangles.

Hook it up. Or shower curtain hooks to display necklaces:


Don't forget to bag up your good items and send them off to a charity shop. It is a lovely feeling knowing your previously loved threads can find a new home and happy owner.

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