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Yes to Grunge!

After a season of girly sequin and sparkles, I wanted to do a contrasting post for those of you who prefer to a more edgy fashion style to the glitz that is forced upon us during Christmas on the High Street.  With grunge appearing on international runways next season again, I headed into my favourite vintage store in search of some original grunge pieces from the 90s and styled the below shoot which I hope you all enjoy!

The term Grunge appeared in 1988 and referenced the music synomous with bands from Seattle such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana. In 1990, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was photographed performing live in a vintage floral print dress. In 1993 Marc Jacobs designed a grunge inspired collection, promoting the musically influenced youth culture at the time, making grunge even more appealing to the masses. ''That's the way beautiful girls look today, they look a little bit unconcerned about fashion''. And it's that very relaxed approach to fashion that has always drawn me to the style. The style was always androgynous, loose, comfortably casual and functional, with boots to keep out the rain and flannels to keep warm. Here is my pick below of some great grunge looks that work for today.

Theme & Styling: The Irish Fashaholic
Photography: Miki Barlok
Makeup: Lucy O'Connor
Hair: The Irish Fashaholic
Clothing: Miss Daisy Blue, Vintage Boutique (all details below)
Models: Aisling & Eshana at Lockdown Models
Location: Market Lane, English Market, Cork

Vintage Garment prices all available from:
Look 1: Check shirt €48, Denim waistcoat €28
Look 2: Cream lace dress €80, Blue blouse € 32, Black trousers €42
Look 3: White t-shirt red rim €24, Black maxi skirt €54, Red fox fur (Miss Daisy Blue Archive), 
Black velvet dress with tartan skirt € 120
Look 4: Black and white cropped leather jacket € 110, 1950s lace undergarment €130
Look 5: Camouflage shirt €34, Black dress €58, Leather multi-way band, worn as belt €8
Look 6: Black and red lace dress €68

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