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My go-to footwear

During my 20s, I managed a reallyunique  independent store called Indigo that was ahead of its time being one of only 3 stores in Ireland selling the platinum Adidas label and labels such as Religion, Cheap Monday and Buddhist Punk.
I used to head to the UK on fun buying trips on my own and my go-to footwear for long days trecking around London were always my trusted Converse. To this day, even at glamorous fashion events or before I go on stage to present a show, Converse are still my 'slipper' shoe to chill out in backstage and run around in at rehearsals.  I called into Office on my way home tonight and bought these metallic pastel pink cracked leather Converse for €72. I hope they last as long as my 1st pair from 9 years ago that still have pride of place in my wardrobe xo


Spring Fashion Moodboard


Insider Interview: From NY to London to Ireland. Meet Irish Designer Emma Manley

After honing her craft at VPL in New York and Alexander McQueen in London, Irish Designer Emma Manley was eager to curate a new and thoroughly relevant fashion offering for the womenswear arena. With fashion in her blood, we were excited to catch up with the hot Irish designer ahead of the Arc Fashion Show on March 10th at the RDS, Dublin, where she will showcase her current collection.

1. What inspired you to get into Fashion Design?
My Mum was a fashion designer, I grew up watching her turn beautiful fabrics into a bride's dream wedding dress. That’s pretty magical for a kid you’ve got to admit, all very fairy-taleish! As a special treat I was allowed to sit in on fittings, I would hold the pin box and carefully hand the pins to Mum, I really felt part of the process and thought I was practically making the dress!
When C.A.O time came round, there was nothing else I really felt passionate about doing.

2. How long have you been designing?
Since I got my first sewing machine aged four! Designing for Manley though, three years.

3. What has been your biggest challenge to date in the industry?
Learning the business of fashion! The fashion game is a big one and one that has many players. Finding that little bit of space for your label to take part in the game is tough work.

4. What are you most proud of as an Irish Designer?
Keeping my label 'Manley' alive and kicking through tough times. Lets face it, the past five years haven’t been kind to any of us but I always felt that if Manley could survive the recession, it would then thrive in the years to follow. I am excited to see what Manley is capable of without the noose of the recession around its neck.

5. Do you think Irish women have a particularly good sense of style?
Absolutely and its only getting better. I think we are becoming more confident in our own skin and learning how to dress according to what compliments our shape and colouring as opposed to just trying to stick rigidly to trends.

6. What advice would you give to any young fashion designers starting out with their craft and studies who may be finding it challenging?
Determination, patience and persistence are three things that are a must if you’re looking for a career in fashion design. It’s a labour of love, you need to be head over heels about it.

7. What can we expect to see in your collection at the RDS on March 10th next?
SS14 see’s patent, perforated and metallic leathers take centre stage. Delicate studding and hand cut leather embellishment adds a very feminine twist to the Manley girl this season.  

Silk and chiffon feature heavily throughout SS14 which contrasts against heavier fabrics such as woven knits and leathers.

Beautifully draped jerseys are used to add an element of ease to this refined collection.
As always, layering is key and playing with asymmetrical lengths is a must. Woven wools and raw silks are layered over soft flowing chiffons, which tames any over the top femininity that peeks through. Once again, reinforcing Manley's contradictory theme.

                                                   EMMA MANLEY


Kendall Jenner walks for Marc Jacobs

Twitter has exploded over a certain Kardashian sister walking in New York Fashion Week.

I was a little disgusted to see so many negative comments on Twitter over beautiful Kendall Jenner walking for Marc Jacobs in New York. As a model agent myself, I think she deserves her place in the show just as much as any other model. She looks so beautiful, healthy and fresh.
Kendall has totally stepped out of her commercial looking comfort zone and allowed herself be a walking clothes horse for the designer and I think she looks absolutely incredible. Women online are far too quick to judge other women from behind a computer and knock them for doing something positive. I am always scouting for new models that look this great and I think this show will put Kendall on the radar with some really professional high end agencies, which she deserves.


Love is in the Air

Happy Valentines Day 

I hate when people give out about Valentines, yes it's commercialised but it's another day to tell someone you love them: relative, friend, partner.
#happyproject #positivity


All you need is Love

One of my favourite jewellery brands has launched the coolest collection just in time for Valentines Day. Although I'm not a huge fan of the commercialised day, we all need a bit of love in our lives and Valentines Day, whether you decide to spend money on gifts or make your own DIY token of appreciation, is a lovely excuse to spread a little love and positivity after the Winter blues.

Alex & Ani, the conscious NY jewellery brand with sustainable initiatives at its core, believes in the power of positive energy and have added the below adoreable Lovebird and Swan charms to their core collection. Stack high and mix tones and styles to grow your arm candy. Available at the Kilkenny Store and other reputable jewellery stores.
 View the full collection and brand ethos here


Tropical Inspiration

Sick of floods, dark nights and opaque tights, I am lusting after a wardrobe full of cheerful brights. The Aloha shirt originated in the Thirties when a Chinese merchant made shirts from old kimono cloth. After spotting my favourite fashion blogger, Susie Lau, below in her MCM tropical palette this season, I have the holiday brochures out and am on the hunt for prints, prints and more prints for S/S14! 

Susie Bubble via her Instagram in MCM


Food glorious food

I used to have serious food envy watching Keeping up with the Kardashians episodes, at how the sisters seemed to always have super healthy and green looking lunches, delivered direct to their door. This modern healthy food drop service is no longer reserved for the elite in celebville so I have no excuse now to fall back into my 'fast life, fast food' bad eating habits. I found a local company called the Crunch Food Company who deliver to homes and businesses in our little city. Not only are the fresh detoxing juices and salads packed with protein and filling, raw vegetables but to my surprise, they taste GREAT. I love their Gym Food section on the website, you can visit it here:!gym-food/ceqv
I am off to browse Pinterest for yummy healthy recipes for the weekend xo

My Bump's First TV Appearance

I was honoured to be asked to appear on RTE's 'Today Show' here in Ireland last Monday to model maternity wear.  My go-to stylist who has helped me source looks for hosting shows and attending events in the past is Natasha Crowley from F Stylists. Natasha really gets to know her clients so she always pulls individual looks for me that are a mix of high-street and vintage and often with a cool or creative edge. Natasha was doing a slot on the show for Opera Lane, our city centre shopping district that houses stores such as H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Topshop, River Island, GAP and many more and I was so chuffed when Opera Lane were in touch about the slot. Natasha wanted to showcase casual and dressy looks for expectant Mums while proving that you can mix maternity wear with main line pieces to maintain a great look with a growing baby bump.
I had such a fun day, starting with a lovely pampering at Peter Mark Hair Salon in Mahon Point who gave me 5* treatment to start my day on the right foot. It's so great that they are open on a Sunday and Monday as it's hard to get hair appointments for shows or events on these days. I also met Jeanette Cronin, the gorgeous and bubbly singer (above) at the salon.
When I headed to the TV studio, I met up with Doctor, ex model and new mum, my Californian friend Sarah Mello who was modelling with us and we headed to the studio for fittings. How amazing does Sarah look, only 4 weeks after giving birth to her second son, baby Luke! Here we are in our first looks, great casual pieces from Opera Lane. I love stripes and Converse so felt really comfy in this first look paired with boyfriend jeans. I bought the kimono Sarah is wearing here afterwards from H&M, it's only €30 and I thought it would be a great investment for pre and post baby.

Natasha (left) and Julie (right) from Opera Lane were the perfect hosts backstage and really looked after us.

I bumped into my old friend, award winning hair stylist Pamela Morrissey who is the in-house hair stylist for the show's presenters Maura Derrane and Daithi O'Sé. Pam is shortlisted for an Image Magazine best hair stylist award and has styled the locks of some of the most well known business women and celebrities in Ireland. It was lovely to catch up with Pam and chat about bumps and her beautiful daughter Rachel.

We had a quick makeup refresh with Kate Noonan. Kate again is one of the best makeup artists in Ireland and enhances the faces of the show's hosts every day. Kate's sunny personality and great TV advice relaxed us all immediately and we were ready to go!

We had great chats with presenter and national heartthrob Daithi O'Sé about his pending new arrival. His beautiful wife is expecting this March so we had fun swapping pregnancy stories and baby plans with him before rehersals.

This was my outfit for pottering about in comfort during the day off camera. I love my New Balance 420s from Urban Outfitters. I have stocked up on lots of trendy commuter flats like these for when my bump gets bigger over the next few months! If any of you have more maternity wear tips, please send them my way:

If you are expecting, see the TV slot and gorg maternity wear here:

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