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Pregnancy Pampering

For over 25 years, Eve Lom has been recognised as an authority in advanced skincare.  I had always read reviews about her products in top magazines and seen celebs endorse the benefits of the brand but I couldn't find an Irish stockist or spa where I could try them out myself. On a visit to my favourite laser therapy clinic, Therapie, last week I discovered that they were the only clinic that sold Eve Lom and to my delight, I learned that their heavenly spa upstairs did an amazing Eve Lom facial. 

Using pregnancy as my excuse for a pampering, I booked myself in and off I went this weekend. On arrival, I met the Eve Lom Specialist for Therapie, Leonne, who was the perfect advert for such a high-end brand, with her flawless skin and calm, caring nature.  Leonne brought me to the treatment floor where I left all my city stresses behind and lay down in the most beautifully scented treatment room to begin my facial. 

Based on the principal of perfectly cleansed skin, Eve Lom developed a unique massage technique for lymphatic drainage which relieves tension and leaves the skin radiant and revived. I was very excited to finally test the iconic Eve Lom Cleanser which has won awards the world over for 25 years. First up was this iconic cleanser which felt rich and luxurious on my face, neck and chest. My lips were cleansed with 'Kiss Mix' cleanser at the same time. 

The next part of the treatment was an exclusive signature Eve Lom hot wax mask to awaken dull, tired and congested skin, using acupressure to relieve tension before extraction.  After I was fully cleansed and revivied, Leonne gave me a beautiful massage with Eve Lom Creme Universal and Fiuisli Eye Lift with some TLC and I had a blissful snooze in the tranquil treatment room before my session was completed.

I give the treatment and products full marks, it really is a step above regular facials. Not only were all steps and benefits explained to me along the way but it was a bespoke treatment tailored to ensure it was what I needed.  It was the first time in all my 34 years being comfortable and confident strolling around the city afterwards with not a scrap of makeup on my face as my complexion was glowing and my skin was flawless. I will definitely book in for another before baby arrives! xo

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