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Maternity Jeans

So my go-to clothes have always been skinny jeans and Converse. When I found out I was pregnant, I presumed that I could wear a band and stay in my trusted comfy jeans up until the third trimester at least. WRONG.
In the first trimester, I experienced lots of bloating and my regular jeans were really uncomfortable. I invested in the elastic button bands from Mothercare, that you tie onto your button and pop through the button whole. They act as an extension to your waist size. But they just made my jeans fall down and I was pulling at them every time I got up out of a chair. Too annoying!

In the second trimester when my bump made an appearance, I trotted off to the high street in search of maternity jeans thinking they'd do the trick. First I bought a black pair of skinnies from Topshop's maternity range but being a size 12 and 5 ft 10, I find it hard to get good fitting long leg jeans as it is and the Topshop style just kept falling down so I was tugging them up constantly like a breakfast-roll-eating Builder's Bum!

All the styles I viewed in Next were bootcut so I ordered a pair from ASOS maternity online. Although I happily buy most of my clothes online, I wouldn't advise it for maternity wear as once you're into your third trimester, you really need to try things on before you buy them to make sure they are flattering. I had to send the ASOS jeans right back, they made me look huge and were too low rising. My last stop was H&M. Their sizing was tiny so in order to get extra length in the legs, I had to go up a size. But the H&M style had an over-the-bump band which seemed really comfy when I tried them on instore. After wearing them an hour at home I had to take them off, the only comfy part was the band over my bump but the waist was digging into the end of my bump and really hurt when I was sitting down. So I gave into leggings and dresses and resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't see myself in a pair of denims until after baby arrives.

....Until I heard from another expecting mother about Beautiful Bumps. I presumed maternity shops stocked 'safe', non modern styles but out of desperation I called to the store and left with full bags. It was so refreshing to see current season colours, up-to-date trends and some really gorgeous clothing to make you feel beautiful as you grow your baby bump. My favourite find was a pair of ankle length Mamalicious jeans for only €49 that fit like a glove. They are a beautiful soft, stretchy denim and have just the right amount of room on the waistband for me to expand by little bumpkin over the next 11 weeks. They have a grey over-the-bump band which is super comfy and stretchy and doesn't fall down so no tugging necessary!
I picked up lots of other gorgeous dresses for upcoming events and weddings at Beautiful Bumps so I'll post pics here soon. Click on the store's Facebook page here and browse their labels and gorgeous stock. More outfit posts soon from my new maternity wardrobe from the store xo

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  1. Totally agree! I had the exact same problem and Beautiful Bumps sorted me out. Another option is this UK store online: Jessica from the Art of Style found it for me! I haven't ordered anything there just yet as found Beautiful Bumps in the meantime.


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