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The Perfect Symmetry

I have blogged in the past about my frustration around any cool or stylish mobile phone covers usually offering no decent protection and the robust covers with great protection all being masculine and ugly. So when I heard Otterbox had a new range of covers coming out that were both stylish and robust, I was skeptical to say the least. I have both an iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy so over the past fortnight, I tested covers on both. I am murder for dropping my phones, breaking my screen and squishing them at the bottom of my handbag loading lots of heavy books, ipad and diaries in on top of them. While I'm on the run between jobs I have dropped and shattered the screen on my phones so many times. But after testing the new Symmetry Series covers, I am sold! Through complete and utter vanity...or fun, I have even been matching the cute pastel shades with my daily wardrobe. I'm not a selfie-addict, but if you are, these are the covers to be seen taking your selfie in the mirror with...if you want to gain some serious style cred.

Good bye to my old rubber bunny ear cover, my jewel encrusted golden glam cover and flip-off to the flip top Orla Kiely cover I once loved that frayed apart at the seams....I am officially a fan of the sleek, stylish and ridiculously protective Otterbox Symmetry covers!
Available now at Vodafone, 02, Carphone Warehouse, Metero and 3 Mobile xo

The moment you love your Symmetry phone cover so simply have to buy shoes to match!
Not your average phone cover...not your average cup of tea
 My Symmetry Family - for Samsung <3
Matching nails & Symmetry case? Why, of course.
Now if only someone would make me a dress to match this print, my life would be complete!

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