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Stretch Mark Creams

Styling my bump hasn't been all about dressing it from the outside. Since I found out I was pregnant at five weeks, I have been religiously dressing my bump morning and night without fail in beautiful creams. Eventhough my bump didn't pop out until the second trimester, I used it as an excuse to lather my belly in gorgeous oils and creams twice a day and today as I am in the last stretch -excuse the pun!- smothering my baby's shell in oils every morning and before I go to bed has been a lovely little bonding ritual.

I have always looked at stretch marks as a badge of honour for Mums, proof that their bodies grew a little miracle. So I haven't been using stretch mark creams to avoid these marks but rather to keep my skins elasticity at its best and as a mini daily treatment for me. Right throughout my pregnancy I have tried to avoid chemicals in household and beauty products to give my little sprog the best start possible. Once believed to be a barrier, it is now known that skin is permeable, so ingredients we apply in skincare products can be absorbed. For this reason I have favoured using Liquid Gold below. I know that DNA plays a big part in whether I will have my own badge of honour at the end but I'm not bothered. Having a healthy baby and being lucky enough to carry a baby will have been enough to keep me happy!

These 3 products have been my personal favourites so far:
1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion because my hubby loves the smell and it dries in quickly when dressing for work in the mornings.

2. Mothercare's It's Your Body cream because it is full of almond oil and Shea butter, both amazing for skin.

3. And my favourite of all: Liquid Gold, Pure Tissue Oil. This oil is natural, has no harmful ingredients (no petrochemicals, no mineral oil, no parabens or BHT, no preservatives, no artificial colourants, no animal products) and it doubles up as a really beneficial all over body oil, hair and nail treatment, anti ageing oil and uneven skin tone treatment. I ordered the oil from Martha, a fab makeup artist that I bumped into at a recent Mother & Baby Fair and I will be buying it in bulk from now on, for baby and for myself! I haven't seen this stocked in many stores but you can order from Martha here or she will point you to a local stockist:

I have used natural coconut oil from the supermarket also, this is always a staple on my home product shelf for hair, skin and cooking too. To any moms with a growing belly like mine, enjoy pampering your tum with oils and hopefully you are lucky enough to have a partner to massage it for you! xo

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