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Sleepless Nights and Non Stylish Days

I had to go to town today to do some work for Fashion Week but I had been up all night with baby Erin so sunglasses & comfy clothes were my go-to style. I bought these floral Dr Martens in a gorgeous show boutique in Portabello in London that I visit every year for great shoes. The jacket is H & M and the black box clutch is from The Dress Bar - just the right size for my mobile phone and lip balm. 

It's 5.40am as I post this. Erin is asleep mid-winding on my lap making adoreable baby noises and her Daddy is asleep on the other side of me. Having a newborn is such a culture shock for someone like me who enjoyed LOTS of sleep but happy moments like these with my little family are worth it all. Hi to any other Mommys out there on the night shift 😘👶 xo

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