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Fashion Week Series: Noa Noa

I have always held a special value for clothing that is made from natural fabrics and materials. Noa Noa is one brand that has always stood out for staying true to it's strong focus on natural fabrics with beautifully produced collections of cottons, linens, silks and wool. The brand is influenced by nature and features feminine, bohemian themes for an effortlessly stylish customer. While I can't claim to be effortlessly stylish, I do like that 'not trying too hard look', and it's my husbands favourite look on me too...which is convenient at the moment as I don't have as much time to devote to dressing myself anymore with our newborn baby. So Noa Noa, who are 8 years in business on Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork City will be showing a gorgeous new Winter collection at Mercedes-Benz MSL Fashion Week Cork  and below are some of my personal favourite fashion finds instore right now!
Hale Bob print dress €198 with 100% leather belt (separate) at €69. I am getting one of these amazing leather belts in every colour for Winter (they come in black, tan, grey and colours of the season!). Amazing to synch in an oversized coat or shirt.
Hale Bob graphic dress €198, designed in L.A.
These print skirts immediately caught my eye as great fashion pieces. They are €198 and are from Florence as you can see from the image influence. 
Derby graphic print dress €109
See their full collection at the Fashion Week Boutique Show hosted by Brendan Courtney on Friday, October 3rd. 

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