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New Makeup

I visited the new Inglot store in my city this week. How have I not come across this makeup range before? Sarah Cummins, a makeup artist whose work I admire was on hand there to help me overhaul my makeup for Winter. She chose burgundy hues for my eyes which can be mixed with the charcoal shade for nighttime below along with a more natural shade base foundation to match my paler Winter visage.
My favourite product is their €12 pallet that I was able to magnetically pop all my eye shadows at only €6 each, concealer, blush and highlighter and contouring powder into. Buy another pallet and it snaps onto the end like a dream stacking block of all your favourite makeup essentials. No more broken eye shadows at the end of my handbag.
There is a special offer at the moment on foundation and powder so I availed of this cream foundation and translucent powder.
As a little treat, Sarah offered me a sample of this bronze glitter eyeshadow to add some sparkle to my birthday makeup. In all, I love my new purchases, they didn't break the bank, the eyeshadows blend easier than my MAC ones and my makeup case is more organised now thanks to the clever pallet. Below is how my makeup turned out when I went out for the Guinness Jazz Festival to celebrate my birthday xo

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