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After a baby? Style yourself for under €50

Published in the Cork Independent newspaper 06.11.14

After giving birth to my baby girl, Erin, four months ago, I threw all my plans to hit the gym out the window and lounged around in comfy, non glamorous clothes for the first twelve weeks basking in motherhood and maternity leave. Once I took onboard the great advice of family and friends to not fret about housework and my post baby figure and focus on the important things like resting and getting used to our new little baby, I relaxed into things but I certainly lost my fashion mojo for a few months.

Four months on, I have just joined Educo gym, have switched my sugar addict diet to a clean diet and in feeling better on the inside, I am ready to update my wardrobe to glam myself up on the outside, just in time for the start of the crazy pre-Christmas party season.

Here are some of my favourite looks from the High Street this month – all pieces are under €50 so won’t break the bank. 

Tunics are a great investment as they don’t hug the body too tight. These are ideal for Christmas party season. Don’t be afraid to go up a size to look slimmer until your pre baby figure is back. 

                       Black tunic with trim detail €59.99, New Look

I have gone from a dress size 10/12 pre baby to a size 14 after the birth, so my favourite look this season are boxy tops and jumpers over skirts. The tops aren’t figure hugging and sit out over skirts as opposed to tucking them in as was the look for many seasons. This more relaxed look paired with tights and ankle boots is a great, comfortable, on trend and hides my tummy lumps and bumps perfectly. 

     Boxy, sequin T, New Look €44.99 over a black satin playsuit €44.99

           Brushed check jumper €15 and matching skirt €12, Penneys

I adore the chic flat loafers as seen in New York Fashion Week this September at Victoria Beckham, so I choose these gorgeous silver flat loafers available from Next as an affordable high street alternative. Wear these with tights and shift dresses for a preppy look, jeans and a blazer for an off-duty smart casual look or with cigarette trousers and an oversized knit to stay current.

                          Loafers €37.00, Next

My favourite item in my wardrobe at present is the attached blue dress from Verso at Penrose Wharf that I wore last weekend while out Jazzing. The dress is a tunic style, loose fitting with cut-outs on the sleeve. It covers all my wobbly post-baby bits and I teamed it with tights and boots to keep it seasonal and comfy.

Dress €69 from Verso Fashions website 

Tips for Post Baby Style:

·        Do go easy on yourself and allow yourself days with your new baby where you won’t get out of your PJ’s. You have gone through a major life event and it’s ok to relax at home with no makeup and forget about style. It will make your first night out all that more special when you do feel ready to dress up and face the world again
·        Do hold onto those comfy maternity jeans with the over-the-bump baby band as these will come in handy in the early weeks post baby if you have any healing scars. Tight clothing won’t be comfortable and your body won’t snap back into shape overnight. Don’t be afraid to choose comfort over size wishes in the beginning.

·        Do invest in lots of comfy underwear. There are some beautiful ranges of cleverly made maternity underwear available so you don’t have to feel frumpy or old fashioned. These bigger sizes are only temporary remember!

·        Do bin or box away the really big maternity dresses and trousers you wore towards the end. It was hard enough carrying around a human in your tummy, you don’t want any reminders of those last few weeks plodding around feeling like a beached whale. Pack them away for the next baby or give away to expecting friends.

·        Do pick up one or two bargain high street bright new pieces to cheer up your wardrobe and brighten you up. A quick splurge in Penneys will not only get you out of the house with the buggy but will allow you to pick up one or two nice bright new additions to make you feel bright about yourself when you begin to venture out again.

·        Don’t splurge on a whole new wardrobe right after having your baby. The body you have now will not be the same body you will have a few months down the line so keep any major purchases until your hormones and metabolism settle. Remember: 9 months up and 9 months down – if maybe more sometimes. So don’t be in a rush to overhaul your wardrobe until you are a good few months in.

·        Don’t allow changing hormones and sleepless nights let you get down about your new body shape. It’s all temporary and part of the magical journey to bring your baby into the World.  Stay away from tight fitting clothing if you have areas you aren’t happy about after the baby. Comfort is key while you’re focusing on your little newborn.

·        Don’t dwell too much on how nothing seems to fit you anymore. Again, it’s all temporary. Book a session with a stylist for some professional advice. 

·        The final thing I made sure to not do, was to not allow myself buy any magazines on the shelf that had pictures of celebrity diets or celebrity bikini pictures on the front. Unrealistic body images and craze diets were not the road I wanted to go down and pictures of celebrities sculpted by cosmetic surgery was not going to make me feel any better. When I was good and ready to eat healthily and exercise again I would do so the old fashioned way. My new fitness regime started this week. I have begun a 12 day programme at Educo gym so wish me luck on my journey back into my size 12 jeans again. Best of luck to all fellow new Mums out there. The best thing you can wear this season is your beautiful baby! E xo

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