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Being a model agent is like having over 50 teenagers that you have to deal with - not always easy considering so many different personalities. Some work really hard and appreciate every job, others expect more but work less. It has been almost 10 years ago since Vivienne and I set up Lockdown Models and it has been the most amazing journey in business ever - one that we never planned to set out to do!

Every now and then a model pops up that blows us away. These are few and far between. Kellie Forde in our early days was that girl. Humble, a team player, up for every job to build her portfolio and grow as a person and grow as a model. And that's why she did so well getting onto Sky's Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model. She has become one of our close friends now and we visit her in London when we can.

This week another of our treasured girls, Aisling Deasy made it to the final in Ireland of the Oasis Shoot, Style, Smile competition and featured on Ireland AM this morning. She has that something different, not just the right look but the right attitude. Clients love her as nothing is ever a problem, she always delivers and is a pleasure to work with. How fab is the picture above of her with Alexa Chung today in Dublin!

I believe that nothing that is worth having comes easy. And when myself & Viv see this work ethic in young wannabe models, we know we're onto a good thing! Well done Aisling xo

Aisling's final image in the Oasis Shoot, Style, Smile comp on Ireland AM

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