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Treat time

Healthy Treat Alert

After all your lovely comments last night for the healthy egg muffin post, here is another I made today.

These are like a healthier version of Ferrero Rocher and taste so delicious with a cuppa. Yes, Nutella is not a healthy food so I'm cheating a bit but isnt that what life's about if you're good most of the time. My sis Aisling gave me this treat idea too - she lost over 3.5 stone this year so they definitely didn't do her any harm. Make lots on a Sunday and pop in airtight containers to keep for the week!

-Break up Ryvitas in a bowl

-Spoon in lots of yummy Nutella

-With your hands, mould into little balls. Pop into fridge to set & voila! 

- Finish with a serious fingerlicking session 

Simples. I left the wine off today to try and be a responsible Mat Leave Mum. These babies will make Daddy very happy and I be pretending they were very technical to make :)

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