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What to Wear to a Casting

I have modelled for 18 years and have been an agent for 10 years and the most frequently question I get asked is 'What should I wear to a Casting?'. The key to impressing at a casting is to relax, be yourself and KEEP IT SIMPLE.

This means no fake tan (which Irish girls unfortunately wear too much of), little or no makeup, hair down and freshly washed, ready to pop it up in a ponytail or top knot if asked and well fitting jeans paired with a plain tshirt. No logos, no bright colours or patterns. Basically, dress so that all the agent sees is you and not loud clothing, bad makeup or tan lines.

Why? Agents want to see you at your most natural, like a blank canvas, so that they can look for the potential that their photographers, bookers, brands and clients need in a model. Natural and fresh faced is key.

Here are some of today's most successful models in their casting polaroids and how natural they look, some almost  unrecognisable (like myself without makeup!) but all look super fresh faced.

Clothes for a casting call do not need to be expensive, see below picture. As well as good eye contact and professionalism, a stellar walk is crucial at a model casting so don't buy new sky-scraper shoes that you will wobble like Bambi in. I always walk better with a bit of a heel and stand with better posture, so a comfortable court shoe is ideal but so equally would a pair of flat boots. Once you can strut your stuff confidently and gracefully, that's all that matters.  Finally, read what the requirements of the casting are. Ensure you are within the correct age, height and size range being advertised. If you have any questions on attending a casting, feel free to drop me an email anytime at xo

 An ideal casting call outfit 

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