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Lash Extensions

Since my school days, mascara has been my must-have piece of makeup above all others to open up my eyes and make me look fresh each day. I have sensitive skin and I have tried other brands of eyelash extensions but as amazing as they looked, they just weren't for me as the glue itched my eyes like crazy and I found the lashes heavy and coarse. Being the beauty junkie I am, this weekend I tried out Novalash at Coco Beauty Spa Clinic and I was so happy to find them super lightweight, soft and I honestly can't feel them on. Suzanna, my lovely therapist, tinted my lashes dark before she applies the extensions so that I could get the darker look I like without having to wear mascara everyday. Here is my before & after, I highly recommend them. And the relaxing, baby-free, hour on the bed was BLISS!! Thanks to Suzanna and Lisa at Coco Beauty Spa xo


Lets Face It

While pregnancy can drive most women's hormones through the roof, it strangely balanced mine and I found myself more chilled out with one great bonus - my monthly skin breakouts were non existent. My skin had that pregnancy glow and for the first time since my teens, I was breakout free. Since Erin was born I am back to my myself and battling the ups and downs again of having sensitive skin. I am addicted to all things beauty so when I heard amazing things about Caci facials, I decided to give it a whirl.

The Caci facial is a non surgical procedure that stimulates your facial muscles to tone your skin. Sold already! I found out that my local beautician, Devereaux Beauty, were experts in this treatment so I booked in for a batch of sessions. My first session was with Jayne, who previously worked in Harley Street in London so I knew I was in safe hands. Jayne talked me through each interesting step and tailored the treatment and it's strength to suit my own skin which I really liked. Subtle results were immediate with my skin appearing more plump and fresh. The first session also stopped a breakout that was starting so that really cheered me up and my dry patches were gone. The next week I went along and Rachel gave me a similar treatment, tailored for how she felt my skin looked and felt. I noticed the benefits even more after that session and felt I had a more youthful look. With each session, the process was working more and more and my skin was far more toned and firm with breakouts under control. This really is a mini face lift without the surgery. Ideally you would complete 10 treatments, for example 2 days per week for 5 weeks or 1 each week for 10 weeks, for the best results.

This is the ultimate workout for your skin with steps including a sonic skin peeler, a wrinkle comb for fine line plumping and the hydrotone hydrating mask applied with a small current to encourage the nourishing ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin. I had a fear of the treatment being uncomfortable but it wasn't at all. I'm a whimp when it comes to pain but there was nothing painful about it, only a metallic taste briefly in my mouth which is totally normal.

The Caci will become my go-to treatment before any big events or occasions from now on. If you have a holiday or wedding coming up, I highly recommend getting this done each week the month or two beforehand. It is like a more gentle Botox for your face, without any harsh ingredients. I have no desire to go under the knife when it comes to my face. I will embrace the ageing process as time goes on with a little help from treatments that really work like this fab Caci one. Anything that rids this Mama of her tired look is a keeper in my opinion. I felt so refreshed after each treatment. I hope some of you treat yourself and try it out. You're worth it! <3

I booked mine here at Devereaux Beauty Clinic and couldn't recommend it enough!


Fashion Independent's Day

Fashion Independent's Day takes place this Thursday and I spoke to one of my favourite fashion journalists, Annmarie O'Connor ahead of the Irish Fashion Grand Prix

5 influential Irish bloggers and stylists will take to the road, calling to as many independent retailers as possible across the country raising a glass and taking selfies to get #FIday trending. Annmarie O'Connor will take on the Rebel County and visit as many boutiques as possible in Cork city and county. Annmarie was a judge for our first ever Designer of the Year competition at Cork Fashion Week over six years ago and I am looking forward to meeting her in my favourite vintage store, Miss Daisy Blue on Thursday. I had a chat to her today to find out how we can get out and support #FIday:

You are one of the most prominent figures in fashion in Ireland. How many years are you working in the industry? I've been working in the fashion industry as a freelancer since 2000 but full-time as a freelancer since 2008.
How do you think fashion has evolved in Ireland in recent years? Fashion has become much more democratic which is evident in apps such as Frockadvisor which connects customers and retailers. Social media has really broken down barriers and created a real dialogue for change. Its great to see this dynamic level of engagement for our fashion independents and I'm delighted to be a part of it. 
Tell us about your trip to our Cork Independents this week and how can we show our support? The Fashion Grand Prix starts at 11am and ends at 3pm. The aim is to visit as many of the boutiques on my list as possible, take a selfie with each one and tweet the selfie out using the hashtag #Fiday. Whoever trends the highest (i.e. gets the most retweets), wins. Corkonians are fiercely loyal so I'd love for them to show their support by following me on twitter at @aocdotme and get #FIday trending. Cork for the crown!!

So there you have it, lets get out supporting local, independent businesses across the country and join in the fun for Fashion Independent's Day #FIday


Beach Days

I am making the most of maternity leave by hitting the beach for walks with Erin these days as soon as the sun comes out. I am so lucky where I live as I am spoilt for choice with beautiful beaches only a 30 minute drive whatever direction we go. Today we walked Inchydonney beach in the sun and Erin was doggy spotting - her new obsession. She had her first bad fall yesterday, a tumble off our bed, so it was nice for Mommy & Daddy to destress and get fresh air after the fright yesterday. I guess the real fun of parenting starts now! :)

White Coat: Verso
Floral Cullottes and White T: Primark/Penneys


The Influence of Social Media on Street Style

I styled a project recently celebrating one of my favourite areas of fashion, Street Style. 

I admit it's really convenient for me that I own a model agency so I have the pick of the crop when it comes to models anytime I work on a project like this. But I prefer organic, individual, everyday style as opposed to engineered photos so I enjoyed choosing models, encouraging them to embrace their own individual styles and enhancing that look then. We all live our lives on smart devices now, so I wanted to show how modern street style is influenced by technology and social media. The products I featured to achieve this are my go-to brand, Otterbox and all looks below are models /stylists own. 
Photography is by my very talented friend, Irish fashion photographer Miki Barlok Photography.


Styling with The Style Squad

I was invited to be guest stylist on the Style Squad doing 60 Minute Makeovers at Mahon Point today. Styling such a vary of women, all ages, shapes and sizes, was such a lovely experience. Each woman had a personal story or reason for needing a makeover and those women have given me such a boost in allowing me help them too. In 60 minutes, each woman had their makeup done, then hair and then a styling session with Siobhan and myself. The team were a pleasure to work with. At the end, the shoppers picked their favourite look and we sent them home with a photo of themselves transformed & looking a million dollars. Thanks to Siobhan & Dee Kelly Morgan for including me in such a great day xo


Behind-the-Scenes Styling

Here are some snaps from behind-the-scenes at last week's Street Style project that I worked on with Otterbox. I love everyday style and how people express themselves through their own individual style as opposed to how big brands and magazine campaigns suggest we dress. This was such a fun project to style and take part in. My favourite fashion photographer Miki Barlok has already sent us the images and I cant wait to share them with you all here soon. In the meantime here are some behind-the-scenes photos.

Full images from this project will be on the blog this weekend xo


Street Style Project

I assisted on a really interesting Street Style project yesterday styling models as we shot footage all over the city. Street Style images are what give me my favourite fashion inspiration as it represents individual interpretations of trends and I love seeing how people express their personalities through fashion. Here is a little taster of some images I took before the professional ones are released xo

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