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Fashion Independent's Day

Fashion Independent's Day takes place this Thursday and I spoke to one of my favourite fashion journalists, Annmarie O'Connor ahead of the Irish Fashion Grand Prix

5 influential Irish bloggers and stylists will take to the road, calling to as many independent retailers as possible across the country raising a glass and taking selfies to get #FIday trending. Annmarie O'Connor will take on the Rebel County and visit as many boutiques as possible in Cork city and county. Annmarie was a judge for our first ever Designer of the Year competition at Cork Fashion Week over six years ago and I am looking forward to meeting her in my favourite vintage store, Miss Daisy Blue on Thursday. I had a chat to her today to find out how we can get out and support #FIday:

You are one of the most prominent figures in fashion in Ireland. How many years are you working in the industry? I've been working in the fashion industry as a freelancer since 2000 but full-time as a freelancer since 2008.
How do you think fashion has evolved in Ireland in recent years? Fashion has become much more democratic which is evident in apps such as Frockadvisor which connects customers and retailers. Social media has really broken down barriers and created a real dialogue for change. Its great to see this dynamic level of engagement for our fashion independents and I'm delighted to be a part of it. 
Tell us about your trip to our Cork Independents this week and how can we show our support? The Fashion Grand Prix starts at 11am and ends at 3pm. The aim is to visit as many of the boutiques on my list as possible, take a selfie with each one and tweet the selfie out using the hashtag #Fiday. Whoever trends the highest (i.e. gets the most retweets), wins. Corkonians are fiercely loyal so I'd love for them to show their support by following me on twitter at @aocdotme and get #FIday trending. Cork for the crown!!

So there you have it, lets get out supporting local, independent businesses across the country and join in the fun for Fashion Independent's Day #FIday

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