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Lets Face It

While pregnancy can drive most women's hormones through the roof, it strangely balanced mine and I found myself more chilled out with one great bonus - my monthly skin breakouts were non existent. My skin had that pregnancy glow and for the first time since my teens, I was breakout free. Since Erin was born I am back to my myself and battling the ups and downs again of having sensitive skin. I am addicted to all things beauty so when I heard amazing things about Caci facials, I decided to give it a whirl.

The Caci facial is a non surgical procedure that stimulates your facial muscles to tone your skin. Sold already! I found out that my local beautician, Devereaux Beauty, were experts in this treatment so I booked in for a batch of sessions. My first session was with Jayne, who previously worked in Harley Street in London so I knew I was in safe hands. Jayne talked me through each interesting step and tailored the treatment and it's strength to suit my own skin which I really liked. Subtle results were immediate with my skin appearing more plump and fresh. The first session also stopped a breakout that was starting so that really cheered me up and my dry patches were gone. The next week I went along and Rachel gave me a similar treatment, tailored for how she felt my skin looked and felt. I noticed the benefits even more after that session and felt I had a more youthful look. With each session, the process was working more and more and my skin was far more toned and firm with breakouts under control. This really is a mini face lift without the surgery. Ideally you would complete 10 treatments, for example 2 days per week for 5 weeks or 1 each week for 10 weeks, for the best results.

This is the ultimate workout for your skin with steps including a sonic skin peeler, a wrinkle comb for fine line plumping and the hydrotone hydrating mask applied with a small current to encourage the nourishing ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin. I had a fear of the treatment being uncomfortable but it wasn't at all. I'm a whimp when it comes to pain but there was nothing painful about it, only a metallic taste briefly in my mouth which is totally normal.

The Caci will become my go-to treatment before any big events or occasions from now on. If you have a holiday or wedding coming up, I highly recommend getting this done each week the month or two beforehand. It is like a more gentle Botox for your face, without any harsh ingredients. I have no desire to go under the knife when it comes to my face. I will embrace the ageing process as time goes on with a little help from treatments that really work like this fab Caci one. Anything that rids this Mama of her tired look is a keeper in my opinion. I felt so refreshed after each treatment. I hope some of you treat yourself and try it out. You're worth it! <3

I booked mine here at Devereaux Beauty Clinic and couldn't recommend it enough!

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