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9 Months Up, 9 Months Down

If one more person told me when I was just after having Erin that it would take nine months minimum for my body to return to itself again, I was going to scream. It all seemed so far away. But to be fair, I was too busy enjoying getting to know my new baby to care about my figure. Then came the six month mark when statistics show women feel the least happy their body post partum. From that stage I started light weight training at Educo gym and went for lots of long walks with the buggy. Not easy when surviving on limited sleep with a baby. Nothing however, shifted my baby belly, until I reached the nine month mark. Just like everyone had promised, my body has done as nature intends and returned me to my old self. So the 9 months up, 9 months down theory really does have truth to it.

I am really enjoying having more energy, eating well and being back to my pre baby size on the scales. I pre-plan all our meals, cooking in bulk and freezing dinners. This means I always have something homemade on standby to pop in the oven instead of reaching for convenience or junk foods when I'm too tired to cook. And I won't lie, I have lots of tired days now. A Mama's work is never done! I am back in my old clothes and treated myself to new jeans to celebrate. Here is my look today:

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