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Private Girl Talk

Sometimes, talking to your friends is all the therapy you need. A year ago, Vivienne set up a private group page on Facebook and added 12 of our closest friends to the group. It was at a time when Sonia had moved to Boston, Luci had moved back to NY and Kellie to London and we were all getting married or having babies and finding it hard to meet up like we used when we were free of responsibilities and our only goal in life was what to wear on Saturday night and what club would we go to.

Our private group page is called De Girls and I just love this little group. This is the group I shared a picture of me in labour with a broken leg and the next morning shared my new baby girl's picture. This is the group where any of our gang can post up how depressed we are on a Monday night and be guaranteed there is someone online to share in your misery and virtual tub of pity ice cream. This is the group where we plan trips, share tips and sort each other's dilemmas out one post at a time. But most of all, this is where tears or tantrums, ups and downs are all shared and turned into smiles and giggles. It is a page of life, friendship and a great support network. Where a problem shared, is a problem halved, often solved.

Loyal, kind, respectful, selfless, trusting, honest, inspirational, admirable, fun, loving. These are only a fraction of the words I can find to describe this eclectic bunch of amazing women I am lucky enough to call my friends.

If you don't have a private group page, set one up for your girlfriends this Christmas. Whether your friends are near or far, staying in touch has never been easier in this day and age. Staying connected can be the most fulfilling lifeline in friendship. I have What's App groups with friends and colleagues new and old but De Girls private Facebook page is definitely chicken soup for the soul and the source of many belly laughs, so thanks to Vivienne for setting it up day one. Love ye all so much xo

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