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Digital Styling and UCC's Next Top Model Shoot

I had a busy Sunday with Viv today. I organised a full day shoot for our existing models to shoot digital polaroids to send to our contacts at UK & US agencies. So I scrope the ice off my car and popped in to Emily Rebekah's new studio in the city centre first thing to ensure the models didn't turn up with makeup or fake tan and to ensure their styling was simple, minimalistic and au natural. A true model is one that is comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to embrace their uniqueness, whether pale or dark.  So I am excited to see the results when they are processed. We have another shoot there next week so it will be great for the models to have fresh digitals to start the new year.

Myself and Vivienne are producing and doing PR for UCC's Next Top Model this year again. We used run the competition when it first began many years ago and we did the first shoot in the comp today. Our go-to mens stylist Finbarr Hurley blew us away with the styling he chose for the men. And what about his own initialled Burberry cape pictured below - major style envy!! The models were just brilliant. It was freezing cold and they never complained.  Viv and myself love working with new models as we get to mentor them from the get-go and ensure no bad habits creep in. The girls looked so pretty in their dresses from Phoenix V and Miss Daisy Blue and Hope Hickey, model and UCC Fashion Society member, did an amazing job co-ordinating the day. I have included some behind-the-scenes pictures below and will share the professional ones with you later this month.

When you love what you do, it's not work at all! Hanging out with friends all day, shooting creative work is simply good for the soul. xo

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