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I get lots of you asking what beauty products I love so here is my run down of what I use from day-to-day for the body. The cost of your beauty products does not matter - finding the products that agree with your skin and enhance how you look and feel is more important. Some of the cheapest brands out there carry great products. I also find that if I use a product for a very long time (eg. over a year) my skin gets too used to it and it doesn't have the same affect so I try out new products all the time as beauty evolves and brands bring us great products year after year.

My post today is the shower post. I have lots of events on at the moment so like to use a slight layer of tan to get rid of my casper white glow. I prefer to find natural products with low or no chemicals (hard I know!) so my favourite tan is this Tan Organic oil tan.  I started using it when I got pregnant two years ago and fell in love with it. It doesn't smell stinky, doesn't go on blotchy and wears off lovely. The biggest win for me is that the shade isn't too dark on my pasty skin.

I am super afraid of strong smelling products in the shower as that amount of chemicals can't be good for our naked skin. If I can't understand ingredients on the back of a product, I don't buy it! So I adore the Jason range of natural products. This Rosewater giant shower gel lasts me ages, smells like Summer and has no scary chemicals in it. You can buy it in most Supervalu stores or health food stores. And finally, I can't live without a nice body cream, body butters are my guilty pleasure. I am using this Yes To Carrots nourishing Body Butter. It makes my skin like velvet, smells delicious and doesn't have any scary ingredients like other brands. That's it for today, I am off to a studio shoot and then to MC a Wedding Fair for lots of lovely brides-to-be at The Clarion Hotel, so follow me on Snaptchat for my fashion antics today: @irishfashaholic xo

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